Visible Impact

An integrated platform for portfolio monitoring and impact management.

Digital data submission and reporting

Enter project specific data and indicators through simple updates or structured data forms.

Data can be collected in any language, via browser and mobile app, even in remote locations without network coverage.

Live project and portfolio monitoring

Data from individual or a portfolio of projects is visualized on interactive feeds, maps and dashboards.

Access to data can be regulated through granular user permissions.

Instant data access and team communication features enable efficient performance management.

Intuitive platform

Easily create projects, enter and visualize data, manage access permission and team communication.

Versatile mobile application

Enter data in any language and from any location, without the need of network connectivity.

Regulated access

Regulate data access with granular user permissions and share data externally with anonymous access links.

Secure hosting and transmission

The application and databases are hosted in ISO and FINMA certified data centers. Data transfer is SSL encrypted.

Trusted by leading organisations.

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