Application Management Platform

Accept, review and select grant, investment or award applications.

Structured application process

Applications are accepted through a custom branded interface. Data is entered into web forms with different question or field types, including text, numeric, single-/ multi-choice and media upload fields.

Tailored workflow and analytics

The workflow can include multiple steps, judging rounds and assessment types. Integrated manual and automated messaging facilitates communication with applicants.

Application statistics, judging progress and status is tracked on interactive dashboards.


Reporting and impact management

Applications can be tracked beyond selection, through integration with the impact management platform.

Data collected through structured reports is instantly visualized on interactive feeds, maps and dashboards.

Custom interface

Accept, review and select applications through a custom branded web interface.

Tailored workflow

The entire process can be tailored with multiple revision phases, custom application and assessment forms.

Integrated communication

Bi-directional, automatic or manually triggered messaging is integrated in the web application.

Secure hosting and transmission

Data is hosted in ISO and FINMA certified Swiss data centers or on premise. All data transfer is encrypted.

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