Photo Collect

Collect photos from a large number of distributed users.

Dispatch of personal invitations

Invitations for photo submission can be sent though Email or SMS, individually or in bulk.

End-users are identified with an optional ID, their phone number or Email address.

The interface is custom branded and multi-lingual.



Simple photo submission process

A unique link in the invitation connects end-users to the photo submission page.

Photos can be easily submitted and are uniquely identified.

No app installation or profile creation is required.

Quality control and live analytics

Photos can be manually or automatically processed. New invitations with personalized instructions can be sent if photos do not fit specified requirements.

Data can be exported in multiple formats and specified file size.

Performance statistics and analytics are displayed on interactive dashboards.

Custom web interface

The management interface allows you to send personalized invitations, review, process and export data.

Integrated SMS and Email

Personalized Email or SMS invitations to submit photos can be sent individually or in bulk.

Engaging mobile interface

A custom branded and user-friendly mobile site guides through the photo submission process.

Secure transmission

Data transfer is encrypted with SSL. Data can be hosted on-premise or in our ISO and FINMA certified center.

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